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If you talk with me, you’ll soon realize that I grew up in England.  I worked for 20 years in the motorcycle / motor sport industry there and only left because my husband who is in the US Air Force received orders to relocate from England to Mountain Home, Idaho.  That was in January 2004.  My career in England was one of a kind with only about five similar positions in the States, none of which were available.  I knew I would have to choose a new career, but at that time, although I knew I still wanted to help people, I was not sure what with!

My husband and I had experienced the home loan process a couple of times since moving here.  The mortgage process can be pretty confusing, especially for first-time homebuyers and the ‘sign here and don’t ask silly questions’ approach did not seem appropriate for such a big commitment.  It was during our second loan ‘experience’ that I decided this was an industry in which I could make a difference.

Becoming a Loan Officer, Mortgage Consultant, Loan advisor, call it what you will, involved long hours of reading and research and outright hands-on experience.  I was very fortunate in the early days to work closely with an underwriter who was also an expert in VA lending.  To my enormous benefit, she had the disposition to answer my endless questions.  She and I are still friends.

Today, I work as a mortgage broker where I can offer a wide variety of loans from wholesale lenders.  This fulfills one of my goals which is to have the flexibility to offer the best loan program for you at the lowest available interest rate; I am not restricted to just one company’s loan programs.  My other goal is to provide honest and friendly service, where questions are welcome.  I try to take the stress out of the mortgage process for you and hopefully even make it fun!

Thank you for reading.  I hope I get to meet you.

Barb Hansen


If you really need to see what I look like, you can take a look at the pictures below.  I’m not big on the posed ‘look at me’ type pictures: I happen to think that arranging a loan is all about you, not me.  So just for fun, here’s some pictures of what I do at the weekends.




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